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Cook delicious summer meals outdoors using only the energy of sunshine.

Why heat up your kitchen by turning on the stove when it's hot outside?

Cooking outdoors with sunshine is easy, safe, and free, and

it doesn’t heat up your kitchen (or the planet). It's like having an

unplugged version of your slow cooker in the backyard.


shows you how.


"Cooking with fire is primal—even when the fire is 93 million miles away. This book will make you a practitioner of both ancient wisdom and avant-garde skill. Bon appetit!"

—Bill McKibben

Founder of 350.0rg and Third Act, and bestselling author of The End of Nature

   Why cook with sunshine?  

“The CooKit solved one issue for me this week: how to cook during

a heatwave without heating up the house. The last few days, I’ve

roasted vegetables and baked cakes in my backyard. Sure, each dish

took twice as long as usual, but they required no more attention

than adjusting the oven every so often to follow the sun.”

—Anne Ewbank in Gastro Obscura

  Who is SLOW COOK SOLAR for?  

“Thanks so much to Lorraine Anderson for this beautiful,

colorful, informative, accessible, and engaging book.

She expertly sets anyone up to be successful at solar cooking.”

—Caitlyn Hughes, Executive Director, Solar Cookers International

  What can you cook with sunshine?  

Anything you can cook in a slow cooker—and more.

Fruits, vegetables, grains and pasta, legumes, egg-and-cheese dishes,

poultry, meat, seafood, nuts and seeds, bread.

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starter recipes to print.

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