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About Slow-Cooked Food

About Solar Cookers and Solar Cooking

Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, July 2023: Cool Summer Cooking with the Sun


Treehugger, October 2022: Solar Ovens: What Are They? How Do They Work? 


Gastro Obscura, May 2022: Can Solar Cookers Save the World? 


CNN, October 2021: ‘Whole Forests Will Be Saved’: Is Solar Cooking More Than Just a Flash in the Pan? 


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About Solar Cookers and Solar Cooking


Washington Post, July 2023: Four Ways to Make Your BBQ Grill Better for Your Health and the Environment This Summer


Big Blue Sun Museum of Solar Cooking, Earth-Wide Solar Cooking Forum, April 2023: Interview with Lorraine Anderson, author of Slow Cook Solar

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